Going forward into the years to come requires constant flow of funds to run our core activities: primary education, hot lunch program, child sponsorship, home and community based care and support and shelter for the many children in the communities that we serve.

Our priority is to bring and many partners and well wishers as possible, each taking on distinctive activity singly or as a consortium innovation and cutting edge community programs. Grapesyard remains a strong credible community actor that interests all.

Program gaps that require your support include:

  • Increasing child sponsorship to 1000 children by 2015. Just about 200 children are currently covered by the program against over 1200 poor children. Sponsorship components are provision of school fees, learning materials, School kitting, medical, personal effects and home based care and support.
  • Bridging the feeding budget gaps to fairly cater for all children. The current budget serves hot lunch to over 1200 yet the budget is meant for less than half the number.
  • Safeguard children health against injuries caused by Iron Sheets used to construct the classrooms. Children risk contracting HIV/AIDS and tetanus in case they suffer cuts.
  • Strengthen youth mentoring program through youth mentor linkages and mentorship camps.
  • Boost Early Child Development (ECD) through caregivers’ capacity building trainings for proper early child development and growth.
  • Equip ECD centre with appropriate learning and play materials and mattresses.

How you can help?

Please drop an enquiry to the Director or Programs through:

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Facebook page: Grapesyard Organization – Kenya