Grapesyard Organization is a non profit making organization and as such, we highly appreciate any donations that you can give to us to help in improving the lives of the children in Korogocho Slums as well as the kids we provide accommodation for at Alice Village, Utawala. Below are the various items you can donate to us.

Donations to Grapesyard School.

  • Books (both text books and exercise books)
  • Blackboards, office furniture, pupil desks, chalk
  • Grains/Cereals for feeding programs
  • Playing items such as football, ropes, swings etc
  • Computers, laptops, desktops, etc
  • Sewing machines

Donations to Alice Village

You can donate the following items to Alice village in Utawala. Here, we host over 100 orphans where we provide them with the basic needs and education. 

  • Books (Both text books and exercise books)
  • Computers, laptops, desktops
  • Stationery
  • Bedding
  • Furniture (tables, chairs, desks, beds etc)
  • Foodstuffs (cereals, cooking fat)

Cash Donations


For those interested in giving cash donations, we accept Paypal deposits through this account; Kindly inquire for additional methods through which you can give cash donations from the contact us page.


If you have any inquiries about how you can donate to Grapesyard Organization, kindly channel your questions through

We will appreciate whatever little you will donate to touch the life of an orphan and other needy children in the society.