Scroll down below for some entertaining video content by Grapeysard Organization. Don’t miss watching the most recent documentary about this great organization. 

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Grapesyard Organization Easter Skit

Grapesyard School to School Project

Grapesyard Students Acts Jesus Story

New Grapesyard Documentary – 2020


Grapes Education Center Launch – 2021

Grapesyard Organization – 2020 Documentary


Grapesyard pupils performing a traditional dance during a CSR by Co-operative Bank, Kariobangi Branch.

Here is a typical life in the slum life. Take a look and see how you could come in and support.

Taking a walk inside the slums for a first hand experience of how life is inside the slums and what the families have to go through on a daily basis to put food on the table and take their children to school.

Grapesyard Primary School pupils singing a gospel song – “Let your Living Waters Flow over My Sould”

Grapesyard Primary School pupils recite a poem in appreciation to what Patricia has contributed to their lives and welfare – “Letter to Patricia”

The Director Giving a short introduction about Grapesyard Organization, how it started, what its involved in and also how you can come in and lend a hand.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A number of organization come to Grapesyard Organization as part of their CSR. These are normally great times for the kids as they feel loved and encouraged by the visitors. This is one of the videos showcasing one of the CSR. You too can be a part of this and bring smiles to the faces of these kids.

Grapesyard Primary School pupils in Korogocho