Grapesyard Education Center

Grapesyard Education Centre is the former Grapesyard School. It’s been running since 1999. The centre has 1,200 children from Kindergarten (pre – school) to class eight. Key strengths include community good will, steady academic performance and community focused programs.


  • The centre loses its good performing teachers to Government of remunerations. Nonetheless, we realize that labour mobility is legal and ours is to replace those who depart with able replacements.
  • Another challenged has been widespread poverty among parents and caregivers. This has hampered child care and protection and hinders smooth learning by the children.
  • Lunch program is over streached. The current food budget was meant for 500 children but now serves 1,200. The organization has tried to sustain the program through donations from well wishers but which has not been consistent. This forced the School to go out its way to cut down on some of its key activities in order to feed about 700 children.
  • School play ground is overstretched; it is about half hectare to hold physical facilities and up to 1,200 during school day. This leaves very little space for play during break and physical education (PE) lessons.

2Kids at the centre happy to be in school